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[TG] 2.1 No More Drinking
Why was it so hot...... God her head hurt too... Wait now she remembered... that game she was playing with Rei... Monk-Kunai-Dog... no that wasn't right. Nonetheless Harusaki knew she got plastered and either smashed her head against something or fell asleep. She wouldn't be drinking for a long time... or just quit all together it wasn't that fun of an after feeling or taste from alcohol. 
The buzzing sounds soon came into focused to be more of the sounds of people... must still be partying hard. She wondered how long she'd be out, she hoped her little sister, Harumi, wandering off  Ugh what if Harumi tattled on her.. well it would be Harusaki's own fault since her actions were kinda irresponsible  The more she came into tune with the noises it sounded panicked almost. No... It definitely was. 
Sis..! Har.... sa... ki! Si....! 
That voice was familiar. Groggily the Uranami lifted up her head letting out a groan, rubbing her cheeks and giving he
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[TG] 4.5 Welcome Home
The heat beating down on Harusaki as sweat formed on her brow. Even if she was accustomed to piling on layers this was too much for the girl, the only thing truly saving her was the cool ocean breeze blowing.  How Harusaki missed that salty scent and the unfrozen water glistening from the sunlight reflecting on its surface. Letting out a content sigh to which she swung her arms lazily but quickly stopped due to the aches. “Mwm….” eyebrows furrowing together before she patted off the pain.
Harusaki bared bandages here and there from the whole ordeal with the bandits and avalanche though could care less for the marks, she just wanted to crawl in her hut, fall into bed, and rest. Was that mean of her not to want to visit with her family first….? Biting her lip gently as she pondered over the thought. She knew her little sister would be all over her, mom would be grooming her like a wounded animal, and dad telling his own stories and belittling the injuries and
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Mon Dec 5, 2016, 5:33 PM
Mon Dec 5, 2016, 11:29 AM
Stolen fromluluopp

Because this seemed v fun!
Can be canon, crack, a secret ship whatever lemme at em >[

So throw some numbers and a ship at me, and I'll answer!

1- Who is the most affectionate?
2-Big spoon/Little spoon?
3-Most common argument?
4-Favorite non-sexual activity?
5-Who is most likely to carry the other?
6-What is their favorite feature of their partner’s?
7-What’s the first thing that changes when they realize they have feelings for the other?
8-Nicknames? & if so, how did they originate?
9-Who worries the most?
10-Who remembers what the other one always orders at a restaurant?
11-Who tops?
12-Who initiates kisses?
13-Who reaches for the other’s hand first?
14-Who kisses the hardest?
15-Who wakes up first?
16-Who wants to stay in bed just a little longer?
17-Who says I love you first?
18-Who leaves little notes in the other’s one lunch? (Bonus: what does it usually say?)
19-Who tells their family/friends about their relationship first?
20-What do their family/friends think of their relationship?
21-Who is more likely to start dancing with the other?
22-Who cooks more/who is better at cooking?
23-Who comes up with cheesy pick up lines?
24-Who whispers inappropriate things in the other’s ear during inappropriate times?
25-Who needs more assurance?
26-What would be their theme song? (please don't ask I would cry, I'm so bad at this)
27-Who would sing to their child back to sleep?
28-What do they do when they’re away from each other?
29-one headcanon about this OTP that breaks your heart.
30-one headcanon about this OTP that mends it.


Looking for new groups!! Please link if you know of any ///
After I finish these chibi commissions I wont be opening that type for awhile;; I feel like it put a huge strain on me improving and sending me into art block ;; - ;;
Leaving for vacation!! Everything will be on hold till I get back!! July 18th-24th
Apparently when i checked my receipt for core membership billing it said it was fraud?? I still haven't gotten any response but the money is taken out of my bank TT w TT 
So-- I bought a core membership during the sale a week ago and have yet to receive anything;;; It took the money out of my bank and everything. I've messaged DA about it but maybe I'm forgetting a step---?? 


Commissions- Closed
Art Trades- Closed
Requests- Closed
Roleplay- Open

Commission list-
hakutan (4/5) - 70%
hakutan (5/5) - 60%

BunMuffin - Their side AT
Maachan - AT (?)
PumpkinSugar - Their side AT


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